2215 Post Office Street Galveston, Texas 77550

Showcasing Timeless Jewelry


Fullen Jewelry



Fullen Jewelry, which began in 1975, is located on Postoffice Street in historic downtown Galveston.  Its tropical décor appeals to the island senses.

We offer interesting collections and custom designs of classic, contemporary, and nautical jewelry for women and men using gold and sterling silver.  There are pieces set with diamonds, pearls, gemstones, and authentic ancient treasure coins.  Wedding and fashion rings range from gold with diamonds to sterling silver.  Nautical and sealife bracelets are available in sterling silver with gold accents.

The Original Galveston Bracelet



A "Historical Phoenix" that has risen time and time again from storms and fire into one of the best beach towns in the country, Galveston is a Texas paradise from the moment you touch the water with a heading set for the island, all cares go out the window and you are enveloped in the beauty that waits. In simplistic design the love of the beach and the heart of Texas are joined together in symbolism and represents the hook that Galveston has on the hearts of many. Sixteen double strands of 14 karat gold signify the 32 miles of brilliant beach that lies there just for you to relish and enjoy! From the Strand to the Seawall and the Bay to the Beach, the Galveston Hook Bracelet will symbolize your affection for this land of sun and fun, and proudly display to all that Galveston is my extraordinary place.

The Original Galveston Destination Bracelet, in sterling silver with 14 karat gold ropes is available in both cable and classic designs.

Spirit of Galveston



The Spirit of Galveston cannot be broken...and even a hurricane could not break the lively essence of this spirit. Local islanders and visitors continue to be an integral part of this storied island, and the Spirit of Galveston 10th Anniversary Destination Bracelet is a special tribute in precious metals to a beach town like no other. The symbolic design is wrought in tribute to the 10th Anniversary of The Original Galveston Destination Bracelet and personifies the Galveston Island lifestyle, and two 14k gold wraps mark the introduction of the symbolic treasure of Galveston as well as her rise from nature's fury. From downtown to the seawall and the bay to the beach, the Spirit of Galveston 10th Anniversary Destination Bracelet is a distinctive design commemorating an extraordinary town.





Republic of Galveston



It is a romantic tribute to Galveston...to its culture and history...famous or infamous...a state of mind achieved in only one place...GALVESTON ISLAND. 

With symbolism true to its heritage, the Republic of Galveston Destination Jewelry Collection uses shackle, cutlass and anchor motifs adorning a unique silver coin emblazoned wtih a historic tall ship silhouette as well as a spanish cross.  Two 14 karat gold wraps each represent Galveston Bay & the Gulf which have graced her shores & given their bounty to Galveston for centuries.


Treasure Coin Jewelry


Treasure Collection

Our collections of Spanish Shipwreck Coins, and Greek and Roman Coins, are custom set in pendants and earrings. Historical certifications accompany each treasure coin.